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Student Council Meeting: March 27

Posted: 2019-03-27 19:49:46   Expiration: 2040-04-03 19:49:46

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The Associated Students of Madison Student Council met on Wednesday, March 27 at 6:30 p.m. For reference, the agenda can be found here.

“Resolution in Support of the Student Medical Leave Act” was brought to Student Council. This piece of legislation is an endorsement of a previously passed resolution at a University of Wisconsin System Student Representative’s meeting. Specifically, this legislation would signify support on behalf of ASM for UW-River Falls to continue lobbying the “Student Medical Leave Act.”

Currently, if a student needs to take time off they need to withdraw from their UW system school. “The Student Medical Leave Act” would allow students to take time off for a medical leave or significant life event. Student Council voted unanimously in favor of this resolution.

Student Services Financial Committee (SSFC) Chair Jeremy Swanson introduced the “Campus Radio Station Fund and ASM Administrative Budgets Bylaw Update” as well as the “SSFC Bylaw Update.” The purpose of these two proposed legislations is to keep the bylaws up-to-date. Both bylaw updates passed unanimously.

Grant Allocation Committee (GAC) Chair Rebecca Graven introduced the “Operations Grants Fiscal Year 2020” budget. The budget was passed unanimously.

Nominations Chair Adam Fearing introduced the “Nominations Board Bylaw Revision” to add consistency in bylaws regarding standing rules and procedures. Student Council passed this bylaw revision with a unanimous vote.

ASM Chair Billy Welsh and Legislative Affairs Chair Laura Downer proposed a piece of legislation titled, “Vote Coordinator” to modernize the position. This will lead to stronger coordination with the Legislative Affairs committee, Coordinating Council and Student Council. This passed with a 13-0-2 vote.

Student Council will meet for its last meeting of the 25th Session on April 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the Student Activity Center Hearing Room.

-- Associated Students of Madison: Morgan Grunow