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Rec Sports talks with Student Council about the new "Nat"

Posted: 2019-04-10 19:13:25   Expiration: 2040-04-17 20:13:25

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Madison, Wis. - On Wednesday, April 10, Recreational Sports Director John Horn, Associate Director of Strategic Engagement & Wellbeing Alex Peirce and Assistant Director of Wellbeing Abby Diehl spoke at the Associated Students of Madison Student Council meeting regarding the “new Natatorium” building project.

Rec Sports, which will soon be called “University Recreation and Well-Being,” has started to plan for the new natatorium project. Part of its new vision “is to build a movement of healthy habits through inclusion, education, innovation and connection.”

To ensure this is accomplished, Rec Sports will engage students in the planning of “new Nat,” including what will help to enhance students overall well-being. Student engagement in the project planning will come from small group discussions, e-surveys, and listening sessions that will be held at Dejope Residence Hall and Gordon Dining Hall at 6:30 p.m. on April 23 and 25, respectively.

After their presentation, Rec Sports asked ASM for any questions or concerns about the “new Nat” project. Sustainability Chair Katie Piel asked Horn, “are there any additional plans for the new nat for sustainable designs?”

“The most sustainable thing that we can do is build a building that is going to last for 50 years,” said Horn. Additionally, Horn discussed plans for a heat return system, as well as a energy saving tracking system.

ASM Chair Billy Welsh thought the discussion was productive and hopes space will be dedicated to mental health resources in the final plans.

“It is exciting to hear that Rec Sports is open to feedback to improve wellness on campus, and I hope that space devoted to mental health resources can be formalized soon given the outstanding student need for these services,” Welsh said.


-- Associated Students of Madison: Morgan Grunow