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Student Council Meeting Recap: October 16

Posted: 2019-10-21 08:49:20   Expiration: 2040-10-28 09:49:20

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The Associated Students of Madison Student Council met on Wednesday, October 16 at 6:30 p.m. in the Student Activity Center Hearing Room.

There was a special order in which Chancellor Becky Blank spoke in front of the Student Council. 

She discussed the hiring of new faculty and staff members and the fact that the Class of 2023 is the largest freshman class yet. However, Chancellor Blank indicated that this number might shrink next year. She stated how 11% of the freshman class is students of color and that the majority of the freshman class is from Wisconsin. There was also a reference to a continued commitment to Bucky’s Tuition Promise. 

Chancellor Blank elaborated on the silver rating for sustainability from STARS, which tells the university where it is doing well and where it can improve regarding sustainable practices. 

She stated how the university is hiring professors to fill spots that diversify faculty in core departments on campus over a four to five year period.

The Chancellor shared information regarding a public history project meant to uncover the history of various groups who have not always been visible on campus.

Chancellor Blank addressed the homecoming committee video and expressed support of the university’s “I am UW” campaign to talk about shared values. 

Finally, the mental health task force was referenced, with Chancellor Blank stating how thirteen new mental health providers with expertise in various areas have been hired. 

Chair Pasbrig spoke regarding Nominations Board. Representative Santas nominated Representative Barry to sit on the Student Services Finance Committee. Representative Knochenmus nominated Representative Miller to sit on the Student Services Finance Committee.

With a vote of 18-0-2, the body voted to allow Representative Barry and Representative Miller to speak on behalf of their nominations and field questions.

Due to the fact that Representative Barry already sits on the Student Transportation Board and Nominations Board, there had to be a vote of a two-thirds majority for Representative Barry to be appointed. There was not a two-thirds majority after a vote.

Chair Downer called for a two minute recess.

Following the recess, Representative Barry stepped down from the Nominations Board to prevent the vote from having to be a two-thirds majority.

With a vote of 9-8-6, Representative Barry was appointed. 

Chair Goyal discussed shared governance appointments. With a vote of 19-0-3, the body voted to appoint the aforementioned shared governance appointees detailed in Chair Goyal’s chair report. 

Chair Downer re-introduced the legislation concerning the reorganization of the Contract Advisory Committees. She spoke to approve the amendments to the bylaws by striking Subsection 4.06 and adding Subsection 2.06. The legislation moved to merge the Tenant Resource Center Contract Advisory Board and Rape Crisis Center Advisory Board to streamline evaluation processes, reaffirm ASM’s responsibility to hold service providers accountable to their contracts and strengthen communication between ASM and providers.

With a vote of 20-0-2, the bylaw was amended.

Points of debate were made regarding the Wiscard Emergency Contact Resolution. Representative Ben-Yitschak explained his arguments behind implementing a “Wiscard Design Committee” that would work to place the phone numbers of the University of Wisconsin Police Department, University Health Services Mental Health Crisis Line and Rape Crisis Line before the start of the next academic year.

Representative Warheit motioned for a roll call vote to pass the legislation. 

The legislation passed with a vote of 21-0-2.

Student Council will meet next on October 30 at 6:30 p.m. in the Student Activity Center Hearing Room.

-- Associated Students of Madison: Matthew Mitnick