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SSFC Approves Recreation and Wellbeing Budget with Considerations

Posted: 2020-02-28 22:34:08   Expiration: 2040-03-06 22:34:08

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SSFC Approves Recreation and Wellbeing Budget with Considerations

On Thursday, February 27, the Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC) voted unanimously to approve the Recreation and Wellbeing FY 2021 budget of $12,090,200; however, there are significant concerns surrounding delays on the Nicholas Recreation Center project and divergence from the binding 2014 referendum language. 

In 2014, students approved a recreational facilities master plan stating the segregated fee increase would not be levied until the year in which the new recreation center opened. Unfortunately, the Class of 2020 paid an additional $178 in segregated fees for a recreation center they will never be able to use as students.

Since these delays were due to unforeseen, extenuating circumstances out of the control of Recreation and Wellbeing, students or university administration, there were not sufficient grounds to reject the budget as a whole. However, the nature of these circumstances does not excuse the financial disservice done to the students who have funded this project, but will not reap its benefits.

The SSFC offers official student input on the operating budgets of seven large university divisions, totaling over $56 million each year. It is the duty of the SSFC to hold these divisions accountable and maximize the financial wellbeing of students.

To advocate for those students impacted, the SSFC supports the following recommendations, developed in conversation with Recreation and Wellbeing: 

  1. A plaque recognizing the support and financial burden of the Class of 2020 will be displayed in the Nicholas Recreation Center. 

  2. A recent alumnae/alumni membership will provide discounted access to all Recreation and Wellbeing facilities.

  3. The Program Revenue Supported Bonds will be paid off in 20 years, rather than the 30 years currently dictated by the State of Wisconsin.

While disappointed in Recreation and Wellbeing for breaking their promise to students, the SSFC is proud to advocate for impacted students and will continue to work in making up for this irresponsible use of student dollars.


The Student Services Finance Committee

Contact SSFC Chair Jordan Pasbrig ( or SSFC Vice Chair Tessa Reilly ( with any questions.


-- Associated Students of Madison: Matthew Mitnick