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ASM Passes Legislation in Support of Campus Workers & Asynchronous Classes on Election Day

Posted: 2020-10-28 11:04:45   Expiration: 2050-11-04 17:04:45

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ASM Passes Legislation in Support of Campus Workers & Asynchronous Classes on Election Day

MADISON, WI — Last night, the ASM Student Council passed legislation to support campus workers and move all classes to an asynchronous format on Election Day.

In the midst of a global pandemic, campus workers have exposed themselves and their loved ones to disinfect and manage dorm rooms, feed and educate students, and build safe and efficient infrastructure. This is despite the fact that UW-Madison holds $4.5 billion in net assets, $194 million of which is not use-restricted. As such, the Student Council respectfully recommended that the Chancellor hold students and workers harmless in this time of crisis that is not of their making and that the University provide employment and payment continuity for all workers - hourly, part-time, and salaried - throughout the pandemic.

ASM Chair Matthew Mitnick had this to say about the bill’s passage: “UW’s priority seems to be about preserving high credit ratings and investing hundreds of millions of dollars into debt servicing - rather than supporting the workers that allow for this institution to operate. Although we commend UW for implementing a progressive furlough system and $15 minimum wage for hourly employees (though not students or temporary workers), the University Labor Council’s presentation last night demonstrated how this institution can and must do more. Worker protections should always be valued above profiteering.”

Legislation calling for the Office of the Provost to direct professors and academic staff to move all classes to an asynchronous platform and not grade students on attendance during Election Day passed unanimously. ASM Vote Coordinator Ellen Abad Santos expressed enthusiasm with the passage of the legislation: “I’m really excited by the action the Student Council took tonight to make voting more accessible to students. In an ideal election, no eligible individual would be kept from going to the polls. And, moving classes to an asynchronous platform on Election Day is a necessary step in the right direction.”

-- Associated Students of Madison: Jacob Broehm