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ASM Calls for a New Statewide Student Governance Body

Posted: 2021-10-28 00:56:00   Expiration: 2031-11-18 00:56:00

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28 October 2021

Tyler Katzenberger, Press Office Director | 715-465-0289

ASM Calls for a New Statewide Student Governance Body

MADISON, WI — On Wednesday, the ASM Student Council passed legislation calling for the creation of a new statewide student governance body.

The new body would pass legislation, organize joint UW System efforts, and serve as the statewide student shared governance body. It would replace the current UW System Student Presidential Council, which suffers from a lack of funding and legitimacy. ASM is the fourth student government to support the initiative, which was previously approved by student governments at UW-Eau Claire, UW-River Falls, and UW-Stevens Point.

Legislative Affairs Chair MGR Govindarajan was optimistic about the legislation's potential. "UW students just got one step closer to achieving a meaningful voice at the State Capitol," said Govindarajan. "Creating a statewide shared governance organization will allow us to actively organize easily and efficiently, and I look forward to working on student issues with the other UW System Campuses."

Student Council Representative and legislation sponsor Stu Levitan recalled past student governance efforts in his support for a new statewide body. "As the director of shared governance for the old Wisconsin Student Association during the heyday of 36.09(5)1 in the mid-1980s, I am thrilled to see this statewide initiative to restore the collective voice of students in the governance of the UW-System," said Levitan. We are fierce advocates for the Wisconsin Idea, and our participation is necessary for this great university to be all it can be.

ASM calls on other UW System student governments to adopt similar legislation supporting the new statewide student governance body. Once similar resolutions are adopted by all UW System student governments, joint meetings will be convened to determine the structure of the new body.

ASM also calls on individual campus administrations, the UW System administration, state legislators, and Governor Evers to support the creation of such a group. Details regarding the new statewide student governance body legislation will be sent to appropriate parties.

Also, on Wednesday, ASM approved one appointment to the Shared Governance Committee.

The next Student Council meeting will be on Wednesday, November 10th at 6:30 p.m. in the Hearing Room on the 4th Floor of the Student Activity Center at 333 East Campus Mall.

1 36.09(5) refers to Wisconsin State Statute 36.09(5), which recognizes UW System student shared governance rights.


-- Associated Students of Madison: Tyler Katzenberger