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Sustainability Leaders Demand Divestment from Fossil Fuels

Posted: 2021-12-13 16:51:50   Expiration: 2031-12-21 16:51:50

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13 December 2021

Tyler Katzenberger, Press Office Director | 715-465-0289

Sustainability Leaders Demand Divestment from Fossil Fuels

MADISON, WI — On Friday, the ASM Sustainability Committee joined the UW Divestment Coalition (UWDC) and other UW System sustainability organizations to demand the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association (WFAA) divest from fossil fuels.

Student leaders across the UW System organized the “Divestment Day of Action” as a way to showcase a unified environmental justice message. UWDC co-founder and UW-Stevens Point senior Molly McGuire stressed the importance of student voices in system-wide sustainability policy.

“Our goal at [Friday] morning’s event was to have a respectful yet symbolic voice,” said McGuire. “We as students are trying to advocate for [those in power] to think about our future in terms of sustainability. Whether it’s divestment, carbon neutrality, or composting, there needs to be a constant conversation about how we move forward as a system in terms of our economic, environmental, and social goals.”

Activists waved signs and chanted as they marched down East Campus Mall to One Alumni Place. Once there, event organizers explained why fossil fuel divestment is important and demanded action from the WFAA. Students also organized a sit-in at the UW Board of Regents meeting early Friday morning where they shared their climate concerns with board members and interim UW System President Tommy Thompson.

ASM Sustainability Chair Ashley Cheung was pleased with the student turnout and administrative reception of Friday’s event but emphasized that it was only the beginning of students’ sustainable investment pursuits.

“This movement is only going to result in real systemic change if we as students pressure those in power to act,” said Cheung. “Only through students showing up and fighting back is fossil fuel divestment possible.”

A divestment petition open for all UW students to sign is available here.


-- Associated Students of Madison: Tyler Katzenberger