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ASM Calls for Stronger COVID-19 Precautions at UW-Madison

Posted: 2022-01-25 11:11:27   Expiration: 2032-02-01 21:11:27

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25 January 2022

Tyler Katzenberger, Press Office Director | 715-465-0289

ASM Calls for Stronger COVID-19 Precautions at UW-Madison

MADISON, WI — In light of the recent surge in COVID-19 cases across Dane County and the state of Wisconsin1, the Associated Students of Madison call on UW-Madison administrators to protect every student’s health and wellbeing as the spring semester begins.

While some students may feel comfortable going to in-person classes, it is important to remember many students, faculty, and academic staff have health conditions that prevent them from safely attending in-person classes. Additionally, anyone in quarantine or isolation is unable to physically attend classes. UW-Madison must make accommodations for these individuals.

ASM stands in solidarity with the Teaching Assistants Association (TAA) and other on-campus workers who demand more detailed and equitable COVID-19 guidelines rooted in protections for the most vulnerable members of our campus community. No staff member should have to choose between going to work or protecting their physical health.

Therefore, ASM strongly insists UW-Madison adopt hybrid learning solutions until the COVID-19 pandemic is over. All course content would simultaneously be provided in a virtual option under this model, with recorded lectures and assignments available online and virtual discussion attendance available for any student who needs it.

ASM also asks UW-Madison to publish the number of students and employees with booster shots on the university’s COVID-19 response dashboard. Furthermore, UW-Madison must take a stronger role in promoting booster shots, as individuals with a third vaccination dose have greater immunity to the Omicron variant than those with just two doses2.

Finally, testing capacity must also be increased where possible, especially on the west side of campus. We understand University Health Services are experiencing test site staffing issues, but operating only one site means many students must walk long distances in the bitter cold for in-person testing.

Each student, academic staff member, and faculty member at UW-Madison deserves a safe and healthy way to engage in academic coursework this semester. ASM will pursue this goal alongside the TAA, other campus workers, and the BIPOC Coalition. We hope that UW-Madison administrators join us.


-- Associated Students of Madison: Tyler Katzenberger