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ASM Condemns Race-Based Hate Crime Committed Against UW-Madison PhD Candidate

Posted: 2022-06-17 07:57:55   Expiration: 2032-06-24 17:57:55

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17 June 2022

Meghan Savaglia, Press Office Director

ASM Condemns Race-Based Hate Crime Committed Against UW-Madison PhD Candidate

*The Associated Students of Madison Press Office is aware of some confusion regarding an official statement in relation to the events described below. This document serves as the only official statement on the behalf of the Associated Students Madison regarding these assaults.

MADISON, WI — Yesterday, the UW-Madison community was shaken as the violent assault of an Asian 5th year PhD student came to light. The Associated Students of Madison fervently stands with the victim of this assault, and condemns Anti-Asian hate crimes in our campus community and beyond.

We as the Associated Students recognize the fear, anger, and confusion that comes with this brutal attack of a member of our community. We especially wish comfort and support to the victim and their family, and direct all to view their moving statement released earlier today, which is viewable here.

We also stand in solidarity with the Asian community on our campus. UW-Madison is no stranger to targeted hate crimes against Asian & international students; in only January of this year, a member of the Wisconsin Badgers student section at a basketball game was prohibited from attending future Wisconsin sporting events after making an Anti-Asian gesture towards the Northwestern student section. And in November of 2021, an Asian student was targeted and assaulted near the Nicholas Pavilion on campus. While these attacks, both physical and verbal, have escalated since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that there are deep racial prejudices that have led to the harm caused to Asian students on campus.

“As a member of the East Asian communities, I am deeply disturbed and disgusted by the incidents that happened on June 14th,” writes ASM Nominations Board Chair Steven Shi. “I want to acknowledge that I have received warm welcomes from the local communities when I first moved here, and I find it especially joyful to see Madison citizens offered mental and physical support surrounding the two incidents on the night of June 14th. However, UW Madison should not tolerate any crime, and if it turns out that these perpetrators are UW students, severe but proportionate disciplinary actions should be taken. I urge the university and the State of Wisconsin to pursue policies to avoid future crime [against Asian & international residents] of a similar nature from ever happening, and to forge a safer, more welcoming Wisconsin for all.”

The Associated Students of Madison believes the movement to #StopAsianHate is an imperative crucial to the safety of our campus. In our capacity as a representative of student voices and initiatives, we hope to work in tandem with university administration to further mitigate violence against minority groups on campus.

Any student concerns or thoughts relating to these assaults can be directed towards ASM Anti-Violence Coordinator Amaya Boman at We also encourage Asian UW-Madison students to view the collaborative document created by Asian students on campus, which is viewable here, as well as to practice mindful self-care in this period of stress & fear.


-- Associated Students of Madison: Meghan Savaglia