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ASM Student Council Passes Condemnation of University Abandonment of Shared Governance

Posted: 2023-03-23 04:35:03   Expiration: 2033-03-30 14:35:03

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23 March 2023

Meghan Savaglia, Press Office Director

ASM Student Council Passes Condemnation of University Abandonment of Shared Governance

MADISON, WI — This Wednesday, March 22nd the ASM Student Council met to discuss updates to the bylaws, the university’s commitment to shared governance and more. 

Chair Kevin Jacobson presented changes in Section 1 of the ASM bylaws, seeking to be “more transparent, not less,” in the updates, particularly in regards to ASM open meetings. These bylaw updates were unanimously passed. 

The ASM Student Council also passed legislation titled “Condemnation on the University’s Abandonment of Shared Governance.” This legislation specifically calls out the elimination of the university’s Shared Governance Project Assistant position; housed under the Dean of Students. The position was recently moved from the Office of the Chancellor to the Dean of Students, and was removed after the Chancellor’s approval to fund the position in fiscal year 2024. Chair Kevin Jacobson & Chair Dominic Zappia detailed the responsibilities of the position, which included managing student commitments to university shared governance committees. Chair Zappia, the current chair of the ASM Shared Governance Committee, noted how he has worked with the Shared Governance Project Assistant “extensively” over the last year. Zappia also noted the symbolic importance of eliminating the position; against the student voice and opinion. Chair Zappia & Chair Jacobson continued that other branches of shared governance have supportive secretarial positions similar to that of the Project Assistant. This legislation can be viewed here

Finally, the ASM Student Council passed legislation in support of university faculty in the creation of severe weather contingency plans. This legislation makes recommendations to university administration and faculty members to provide individual accessible contingency plans included in class syllabi for severe weather events. Representative Shia Fisher noted the multiple severe weather events over the past winter in which many students were challenged to attend classes. Other representatives noted delays in faculty canceling classes, until shortly before class start. This legislation was passed 13-3-4 and can be viewed here

The next ASM Student Council meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 12th at 6:30 p.m. at 333 East Campus Mall. To all students, please vote in the upcoming ASM Student Council Elections, starting next week on Monday, March 27th and ending on Wednesday, March 29th.


-- Associated Students of Madison: Meghan Savaglia