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ASM Passes Support for Making UW-Madison a Trans Sanctuary Campus

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27 October 2023

Kate O’Malley, Press Office Director


ASM Passes Support for Making UW-Madison a Trans Sanctuary Campus

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison Student Council met on Wednesday, October 25th. Majority of the meeting was dedicated to the Sanctuary Campus for Trans Umbrella Students Legislation proposed by Equity Inclusion Chair Emmett Lockwood.

The legislation was brought forward in response to a campus climate survey detailing a perceived lack of belonging amongst transgender, non-binary and two-spirit students, in addition to the community calling for further protection and advocation on campus. 

At the Open Forum portion of the meeting, students and members of the student council expressed their support for this legislation. Many emphasized the importance of resources and support on campus, in addition to the risks they may face if this lack of protection continues.

“Should any anti-trans legislation be passed at the state level, UW-Madison students in particular would be at risk of losing access to these fundamental rights due to the current lack of sanctuary legislation at the university,” said Open Forum speaker Camren Livermore. 

Speaker Cait Gehl added, “College is a time where a lot of people discover who they are and have the ability to finally explore their identity away from parental influence…and access to communities that affirm and support one’s identity are all things that can mitigate these disparities in mental health and suicide risk.”

The legislation urges the university to follow initiatives that ensure the protection of identities, benefits and resources of all transgender, non-binary and two-spirit students, faculty, and staff. Additionally, prohibiting the use of UWPD and RecWell and UHS’ segregated fees for punitive actions and policing against these students. Furthermore, calling upon Chancellor Mnookin to declare UW-Madison as a Transgender, Non-Binary and Two-Spirit sanctuary campus before further bills regarding disproportionate punitive policing of trans, non-binary and two-spirit students are enacted. This legislation was passed under unanimous consent and can be viewed here

Further business included a presentation by Sustainability Chair Christina Treacy and Co-Coordinators Anna Silverman and Hannah Stahmann on their experience attending the UW System Sustainability Annual Meeting. The event aimed to inspire collaboration among sustainability stakeholders on both state and university-wide initiatives. 

Finally, Representative Matthew Akins was appointed as the Internal Affairs Committee Chair.

The next Student Council meeting will be on Wednesday, November 8th at 6:30 p.m. in the Hearing Room on the 4th Floor of the Student Activity Center at 333 East Campus Mall.


-- Associated Students of Madison: Kate O’Malley