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Linux Red Hat Linux 9 Migrations

Posted: 2023-11-08 07:15:20   Expiration: 2024-07-15 07:15:20

DoIT Web Hosting has you covered and ready to help you migrate your Linux-based web accounts to our new Red Hat 9 platforms. We will be reaching out to customers directly for migrations but please contact us at: to start today!

Our goal is to complete the migrations and decommission the current Linux platform by July 1 2024.

The production services and servers in scope are VM's Aesop and Pepe.

Why are the migrations required:

-- It enables our service to provide our customers with updated and secure platforms.
-- The operating system versions, application frameworks, etc. have end-of-life dates.

Responsibilities of DoIT Web Hosting: 

 -- Copy all the existing settings, users, and content (filesystem/db).
 -- Migrate your account’s test domain(s)/DNS, and create an optional “preview” alias for each production site on the new platform.
 -- Provide customer contacts complete instructions for testing on the new platform and assist in troubleshooting as needed.

Responsibilities of the Customer:

-- Customers must verify the functionality of their content/applications on the new platform and perform updates to their applications/content as needed. 
-- Contact DoIT Web Hosting to schedule the production domain name migrations to the new platform.

Please see our migration KB for more information and contact with any questions!

-- DoIT Web Hosting: Jake Simon