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Patrick Sims Speaks at Student Council Meeting

Posted: 2018-11-29 14:08:33   Expiration: 2040-12-06 14:08:33

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MADISON, Wis. —  On Wednesday, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion, and Chief Diversity Officer, Patrick Sims met with the Associate Students of Madison (ASM) Student Council to speak about his office, Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement, and its current work.

Specifically, the Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement is working on a campaign to create unifying message for the university. The campaign aims to focus on four areas: “provide thought leadership,” “foster institutional engagement,” “develop the next generation of leaders,” and “chronicle our commitment.”

Equity and Inclusion Chair Agalia Ardyasa has been working with Deputy Vice Chancellor Sims on the project, bringing a student voice to the Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement.

“The office that he works for is dedicated to the students and they care about what students think,” Chair Ardyasa said.

During the second half of the meeting, Vice Chancellor Sims took questions from representatives regarding the many areas of diversity and inclusion that affect the UW-Madison campus.

Representative Paul Jackson asked Vice Chancellor Sims about “Our Wisconsin,” an all-student inclusion program, and the possibility of making that program mandatory for all of campus.

In response, Vice Chancellor Sims discussed the difficulty with mandatory diversity and inclusion programs, but stressed the importance of appealing to individuals sense of humanity and reminding individuals affiliated with the university of our values.


-- Associated Students of Madison: Morgan Grunow