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Ad Hoc Instructor Payment, Overload Procedures (UW-Madison Employees Only)

Learn how to pay ad hoc instructors who are UW-Madison employees with the overload system

Overview: Overloads are needed when University employees work more than a regular full-time position. For DCS instructors, this means anyone already working for the UW in a full-time capacity and working for DCS as an instructor, they are working for DCS in an overload capacity.

Purpose: Document internal DCS procedures on how and when to request an overload for an instructor being paid by payroll. To determine if an overload is needed, see the DCS Instructor Payment Flowchart.

Responsible Party: Program Support

Scope: This procedure only applies to overloads for current UW-Madison employees. Overloads for UW System campus employees also working for DCS, please see the Department Admin.


  • Review the Overload Instructions for detailed steps for creating an Overload as well as updating the current list of instructors with overloads.
  • Watch an Overload Video for a refresh on the procedure. 

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