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Ad Hoc Instructor Payment, Inter-Institutional Agreement

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Overview: Inter-Institutional Agreements are needed when DCS is going to buy a percentage of an instructor's time from another UW System campus. For example, this means DCS would pay UW-Milwaukee for the cost of 40% of the UW-Milwaukee staff person's time between specific dates. The cost will include the percentage of salary and fringe for the time period of the agreement. This scenario is rare and program support staff should consult with their supervisor and/or the Department Administrator if they believe this situation applies to their instructor.

Program Support staff should also review "Payment by Inter-Institutional Overload (IIO, Other UW System Employees)". An IIO is used when DCS is compensating an instructor who also works at a different UW System campus, but the payment is being made to the instructor and not the other system campus. An IIO is far more common than an IIA

Purpose: Compensating another campus for instructor time teaching for DCS

Responsible PartyProgram Support

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