genstatspage.fcgi is a front end to graphing RRD collections.  It is in general not called directly, but instead is linked to from other tools

Using the Search Boxes
  • Width/height will change the output size of the graph
  • Refresh will cause the page to auto refresh.  Disabled by default
  • RRD Function: as relevant for the RRD files presented, may allow you to change the used RRD consolidation function
  • GO = regraph
  • Hide Options = Toggles between displaying and hiding the full option set
  • [link] - provides a shortened, easily shareable link.  
  • [requery] - return to the original GNMIS search terms [for lists]
  • Timeframe/Start Time/End Time: set Timeframe to CUSTOM to specify your own start/end time, otherwise these values will be calculated.
  • Percentile: for graphs that show a 95% line, you can choose an alternative percentile
  • For graphs that support upper/lower limit, you can choose an alternative upper/lower limit
  • Graph Title: optionally retitles graphs
  • Annotate/Annotate time: when working with the master [as compared to slave] copy of genstatspage.fcgi, add a comment to an RRD file.  The timeframe provided -must- also be within the timeframe of the graph that is shown.
  • For some lists, you will be able to change Stack, Plot and Total tuples directly from genstatspage

For more information, see the internal documentation [scroll to bottom].

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