Procedure - Request Outside Plant Fiber Usage

DoIT Network Services is tasked with managing the outside plant (OSP) fiber on campus in order to effectively utilize the conduit and fiber infrastructure. The objective of this procedure is to prevent fiber usage conflicts, maintain capacity levels, and track the OSP fiber.


1.      A requester will create a WiscIT case and dispatch it to Field Services.  The queue name is 0-NS-Field Services-Data and the case will contain:

a.      A title of “Fiber Usage Request for ???”

b.      Building names for the end points of the fiber run

c.      Room numbers within the buildings if the termination points are different than the building cable entrance (i.e. B280C, in CSSC).

d.      Type of fiber requested (single-mode or multi-mode)

e.      Number of fiber strands requested

f.        Purpose of the fiber usage

g.      Date fiber is needed

h.      Expected availability if a temporary request

i.        Contact information for annual verification of usage

2.      Requests which are the same as current usage (i.e. campus IP network, Residential Television Network and SAN) will be processed by Field Service, while requests which are not (i.e. cellular phone augmentation, point-to-point WAN and department IP links) will be escalated to Network Infrastructure Advisory Group (NIAG) for review.  Additional information may be required.

3.      A Field Service Engineer may perform a site visit to verify fiber availability and patch cable requirements.

4.      If insufficient fiber exists to maintain acceptable unused capacity (see below), the Network Infrastructure Group will include additional OSP fiber in a future DoIT or State fiber project, subject to management approval.

5.      Field Services will work with the requester to implement the fiber run.  Fiber runs may consist of several installed fibers and cross connects.  The detail design will be reviewed with the requester prior to implementation.

6.      Once implemented, Field Services will notify the requester and record the fiber usage in a manner accessible to all of Network Services.

7.      Field Services will verify fiber usage annually by contacting the requester or appropriate contact to determine status.


Acceptable Unused Capacity


Acceptable Unused Capacity is the minimum number of fiber strands not used or reserved for requested usage.   Only single mode fiber is listed here since usage of multimode fiber has declined and will be phased out in the OSP.  Acceptable unused capacity in other situations (i.e. special installations and boarder connections) will be reviewed individually.


Fiber Type



Single Mode

Supernode - Supernode


Single Mode

Supernode – Radial


Single Mode

Node – Radial


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