Office 365 - Getting Started with Linking Accounts

This document intends to explain the what, why, and how of the account linking process.

What are linked accounts?

Linking is the recommended way to provide a NetID with the ability to interact with a Service Account. When a service account is linked to a NetID account, the NetID account will receive:

Why should I link the service account to a NetID account?

There are many important reasons to link service accounts to your NetID.

How do I link my accounts?

To manage linking a NetID account and a service account, reference the following article: Office 365 - Linking a service account to a NetID. This action needs to be performed by an email domain administrator or administrator of the service account. Not sure who your administrator is - contact the DoIT HelpDesk.

How do I view my linked accounts?

To view all Service Account accounts that are linked to your NetID account, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to the Wisc Account Administration site with your NetID credentials.

  2. Within the "Delegated Administration" screen, you should see all the accounts your are linked to under the "Accounts" section. If you don't see a Service Account listed here, you will need to contact the domain administrator for that service account.

How do I use/access my linked service account?

To use/access your linked accounts in the Office 365 system, please refer to: Office 365 - How to access a Service Account

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