Office 365 (BusyCal 2.5.4 versus Apple Calendar 10.9) - Exchange Functionality and Other Considerations

Best Effort Support Only

This document contains instructions on using a non-Microsoft email client, such as Apple Mail or Thunderbird. Microsoft does not recommend these clients for use with Office 365, and there are often significant limitations in client functionality as a result.

Because of this, the DoIT Help Desk is only able to offer best effort support for these clients, and certain issues may require the use of a Microsoft client in order to be resolved. For more information on Office 365 client support, please see: Office 365 - Which clients/protocols will be supported?.

This document explains some of the critical differences between BusyCal 2.5.4 and Apple Calendar 10.9 when interacting through Exchange with Outlook Web App.

  1. Major Advantages

  • Specific BusyCal Issues

  • Backup Support

  • Exchange Support

  • Additional Functionality Considerations

  • Conclusions

    While BusyCal 2.5.4 and Apple Calendar 10.9 are similar in many ways, I think BusyCal takes the cake in terms of Exchange functionality, printing/viewing capabilities, and data backup. BusyCal's use of OWA Categories/Tags would definitely be helpful for someone with a lot of events or calendars to manage (like many on campus). Printing calendars and events is also an important feature for many on campus, and BusyCal's printing/viewing features edge out Apple Calendar's limited options. Lastly, having automatic backups of calendar data is an awesome feature not available in Apple Calendar. People often forget to do administrative tasks like backing up their data, so having it done automatically (frequently, and many times over) is an excellent feature. BusyCal FTW.