Office 365 - Managing quarantined emails when you forward your mail

The following document is intended to help individuals who forward their UW-Madison Office 365 account to an external email account (e.g., Gmail,, etc.) manage messages that have been identified as spam.

IMPORTANT: Forwarding your account is not recommended by the Office 365 team. If you are experiencing mail delivery issues, remove the forward and verify if the message is delivered to your Office 365 account.

What is a quarantined email?

In this recently-released feature of Office 365, your spam messages that would normally forward to an external address are placed in a quarantine folder. You now have the ability to review, and if need be, release messages from your quarantine in the event that legitimate messages are inadvertently detected as spam.

What is the spam notification message?

Individuals will receive a spam notification email that contains a list of all quarantined messages received. After receiving a notification message, you can click to move the spam email to your inbox, or report the spam email as Not Junk, in which case it will be sent to the Microsoft Spam Analysis Team.

How often will I receive a spam notification message?

The process to notify you runs on a daily basis.

What does the spam notification message look like?

The quarantine summary notification will look like the following image:

quarantine summary email

There are two links you can click for each message in your quarantine:

How long are messages kept in the quarantine?

By default, quarantined messages that were filtered as spam, bulk, or phish are kept in the quarantine for 15 days. After this period of time, the messages are deleted and are not retrievable.


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