Help Desk - Leaving the University recommendations for HR/Managers/IT Support/Collaborators

Effective January 2018, individuals who leave the University may begin a deactivation process that may change their access to the following services:

Affected IT Services
  • Office 365
  • G Suite
  • Box
  • Qualtrics

Note: Service-based deactivation will not impact the NetID Login Service.

Table of Contents

Leaving the University Checklist

The following checklist is available for Human Resources, managers, IT support, collaborators, and other roles to use with individuals leaving the University.

Leaving the University Checklist (pdf)

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General Recommendations

What should I do before a UW-Madison faculty/staff/student leaves the University?

Below are recommended steps to take before an individual leaves UW-Madison.

Recommendation Office 365 G Suite Box Qualtrics
Step 1: Determine which affected IT service(s) were used by the departing individual. Login Login Login Login
Step 2: Determine which files are owned by the departing individual within each applicable affected IT service(s). Coming Soon Find G Suite files owned by an individual Find Box files owned by an individual View files owned by an individual
Step 3: Transition University data from departing individual’s UW-Madison account to another shared UW-Madison account. Preserving organizational data due to a position change or retirement Transfer G Suite data to another UW-Madison G Suite account Transfer ownership of University Box data Transfer ownership of University Qualtrics survey(s)
Step 4: Confirm permissions are removed from departing individual’s account after transitioning University data. Stop sharing OneDrive files/folders or change permissions
Change Team Drives member permission settings
Manage Box Collaborators Manage Qualtrics collaboration premisson

What should I do if I don't know what IT services they are using?

What should I do if I cannot access data stored in a former faculty/staff/student's UW-Madison account?

Can you contact the individual directly?

What happens if a former faculty/staff/student returns to UW-Madison? Is their account or data recovered?

If an individual returns to the UW-Madison and has questions about account or data recovery, they are encouraged to submit a ticket to the DoIT Help Desk. Their case will be vetted for recovery options, if possible.

Note: Account or data recovery is not guaranteed.

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Important Notes

Human Resources/Managers

Important Links

You are encouraged to use a shared repository (e.g., Office 365 Groups, G Suite Team Drives, Box Project Directories) to ensure continued access and appropriate permissions are set to access University data.

If you are a Human Resources representative or manager offboarding a retiring individual, please keep the following in mind:


The timeframe when you, as a collaborator, will lose access to the departing individual's files will depend on the service:

If you lose access to files, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.

Reminder: As a preventative measure, you are encouraged to follow the steps provided in the table above before the individual leaves to ensure continued access to shared files.

Note: Account or data recovery is not guaranteed.

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Best Practices when Collaborating with Colleagues

1. Use shared repositories to store UW-Madison data (e.g., Office 365 Groups, G Suite Shared drives, Box Project Directories)

  1. Reduce risk of losing access to shared files.

  2. Prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing University data.

2. Remove departing individual(s) from your Office 365 Group(s)

3. Inform departing individuals to:

  1. Transition ownership of files to a shared repository or to another individual.

  2. Set an out of office message.

  3. Avoid forwarding their UW-Madison Office 365 email to a third-party email service provider (e.g., Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail). Forwarding email may result in failed delivery and/or quarantined messages. Learn more.

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