Help Desk (Retiree without IT Services) - Steps to take before losing access to Office 365, Google, Zoom, Box, and Qualtrics

Effective January 2018, individuals who leave the University may begin a deactivation process that may change their access to the following services:

Affected IT Services
  • Office 365
  • G Suite
  • Zoom
  • Box
  • Qualtrics

Note: Service-based deactivation will not impact the NetID Login Service.

Why am I losing access?

Your affiliation type determines how your access to affected IT services will change when you leave the University. Please see the chart below to learn more.

University Affiliation Type Reason for Affiliation Type Access to
Retiree* HR updated your employment status to indicate you are a retiree with no continued access to campus IT services Lose access to all affected IT services

*Retirees are not automatically granted continued access to campus IT services and will need to apply to retain access. Contact your HR department to learn more.

When will I lose access?

View the service-based deactivation timeline to see when your access will change.

What should I do next?

Step 1: You are encouraged to classify data that you created into two categories:

  1. Personal data: You can keep this data and will need to backup files before losing access to your account.

  2. University data: You will need to transfer ownership of this data to designated faculty/staff or to another University account.

Step 2: Once you organize your data, your next step will be to either backup or transfer ownership of that data:

Backup personal data Transfer ownership of University data
Office 365 Office 365 - Email backup strategies Office 365 - Backup OneDrive for Business data Office 365 - Preserving organizational data due to a position change or retirement
Google UW-Madison Google Workspace - Preserve your data

UW-Madison Google Workspace - Transfer folders and files from My Drive to Shared Drives

UW-Madison Google Workspace - Transfer Google Workspace data to another Google account

Zoom If applicable, download cloud recordings and/or export past meeting information. If applicable, share cloud recordings and/or past meeting information with current UW-Madison colleagues.
Box UW-Madison Box - Preserve your data Box - Transferring Folder Ownership
Qualtrics UW-Madison Qualtrics - Preserving your data UW-Madison Qualtrics - Transfer ownership of your survey

Important Note: Once your appointment or student status changes, you will lose access to OneDrive and your license for Outlook desktop client will expire approximately 25 days after the change.

For retirees and emeriti:

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