Office 365 - Manage Password Security

Password security controls the authentication method an account is required to use when connecting to Office 365 via an email client. If Password security is enabled, it will disables basic authentication which helps to protect your mailbox from unauthorized access and protects your NetID (or service account) password from credential stuffing, brute force and password spray cyberattacks.

Important: Due to impending requirements for Modern Authentication by Microsoft, the ability to modify Password Security on an account is no longer available on (or - service accounts). Learn more.

Wisc Account Administration Site


  1. Log into Wisc Account Administration site. If you have administrative access to other accounts or domains, select the account you want to manage.
  2. Click the "Office 365" tab in the left-hand column. It will be expanded.
  3. Choose Password Security. The following screen will be displayed:

    password security screen

  4. The default setting for accounts is "Enabled." Password security can only be disabled by an administrator.

Important: Normal time for this change to be reflected within Office 365 is about 30 minutes - but may take up to a few hours.

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