Apple and Dell Warranty Information

This document goes into detail about computer warranties.

Should I Buy an Extended Warranty

Purchasing an extended warranty for your computer is largely a matter of personal preference, however, most computer repairs occur within the first few years of ownership and warranty coverage can save a large amount in repair costs. While there is no guarantee that if you purchase an extended warranty you'll end up using it, the Tech Store still recommends buying a manufacturer's extended warranty if you plan on owning the computer for a few years. In our experience, both as individuals and as a store, if you end up having to use the warranty it more than pays for itself.

We normally don't recommend paying for warranties which extend past three years. In general four year warranties cost about $100 to $150 more than a three year warranty. By the fourth year of ownership repair and warranty costs may be better spent on purchasing a new computer. It's also usually not worth spending more than half the price of your computer for a three year warranty, so if you purchase a cheaper computer that could be a reason not to get an extended warranty.

Apple Care Protection Plan

AppleCare Box Image
  • Applicable for Apple computers
  • Computers generally come with one year of coverage
  • For an additional fee the warranty coverage can be extended to three years total
  • Only covers hardware defects - does not cover accidental damage
  • AppleCare+
    • Only available for Apple iPads and iPhones
    • Extends coverage for one year for a total of two years of coverage
    • Covers accidental damage for two incidents for $49 per incident

Dell Accidental Coverage Protection

CompleteCare Image
  • Applicable for Dell computers
  • Computers generally come with one year of warranty that does not cover accidental damage
  • For an additional fee the warranty coverage can be extended to three years and include accidental damage protection
  • Does not generally cover theft, loss, or intentional damage

Safeware Protection Plan

  • Applicable for any computer, price varries by the cost of the computer
  • Generally covers four years of the computer's life
  • Covers accidental damage as well as hardware defects
  • Also includes 6 months of theft protection

LoJack (theft recovery)

  • LoJack is not a warranty
  • When LoJack is installed on a computer it tracks the computer anytime the computer is connected to the internet, therefore if it is lost, you may be able to track it down

Insurance Coverage

  • Sometimes computers will be covered under homeowner's insurance
  • This will often cover theft
  • DoIT only recommends doing this if your deductible is low enough to make it beneficial. For example, if your deductible is $500 and the computer you purchased was $1,200, it may not be the best idea

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