Extended Warranty Information

This document goes into detail about computer warranties.

Should I Buy an Extended Warranty

Purchasing an extended warranty for your computer is largely a matter of personal preference, however, most computer repairs occur within the first few years of ownership and warranty coverage can save a large amount in repair costs. While there is no guarantee that if you purchase an extended warranty you'll end up using it, the Tech Store still recommends buying a manufacturer's extended warranty if you plan on owning the computer for a few years. In our experience, both as individuals and as a store, if you end up having to use the warranty it more than pays for itself. An in depth warranty comparison can be found on doc 55739: Warranty - Extended Warranties Compared



See https://www.apple.com/support/products for the most up to date information about Applecare Products.

Dell Accidental Damage Protection


See https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/learn/accidental-damage-service for the most up to date information about Dell Accidental Damage Protection - Doc 43432: [Link for document 43432 is unavailable at this time.] describes the different types of dell warranties.

Safeware Protection Plan

LoJack (theft recovery)

Insurance Coverage