GCP - Requesting a GCP Project

Requesting a UW Madison GCP Project

To request UW Madison GCP Project, fill out the UW-Madison Cloud account request form.

Please note that you will need to establish a DoIT Number to tie to your funding as part of this request.   

More information about the account request process is available in FAQs about UW Cloud Account Request Process

After you submit your responses, your account should be provisioned in about a week.   While most accounts can be provisioned quickly, please allow additional time if you have credits, special billing needs, are using Sensitive or Restricted data, or are utilizing NIH STRIDES Program Offerings, as this requires additional setup and has a dependency on our reseller.You will be contacted once your account has been provisioned or if additional information is needed.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please Contact the Public Cloud Team .

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