GCP - Google Cloud Platform Pricing

GCP - Pricing

The current net cost to campus customers is roughly equivalent to Google's GCP rates

GCP - NIH STRIDES Initiative Pricing

The National Institutes of Health, a major funder for UW Madison researchers, has begun the NIH STRIDES Program Offerings , to encourage researchers to use Cloud resources when sensible. This program is now available using GCP with deeper discounts.

Using Grant Funding for Cloud Services

Cloud computing (AWS, Azure or GCP) through UW contracts can be funded by research grant funds using a DoIT Number, similar to other IT expenditures  (DoIT Numbers - Overview)

Customers are responsible for ensuring that any grant funds used to pay for public cloud services  is done in accordance with Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) policy and federal requirements (2 CFR 200 Subpart E).   Basic guidance on allowable direct costs can be found here.    It is recommended that any customers with questions about using a grant to pay for cloud computing contact RSP for guidance.  

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