Wisc Account Administration site - Import multiple members into an Office 365 Group

Learn how to import multiple members into your Office 365 Group using the Wisc Account Administration site.

Invite multiple members

  1. Log in to the Wisc Account Administration site.

  2. Authenticate using your NetID credentials.

  3. Select My Account.

  4. Select Office 365 > Groups.

  5. Select an Office 365 group and click on Check Ownership to verify your permission level.

  6. If you are an owner of the Office 365 group, you will see an option to Enable Advanced Administration. Click on this setting.

  7. Return to the group name and click on Administer Group.

  8. Select Members from the left-hand menu.

  9. Click on Click here to add a list of members.

  10. Enter the NetID's or email addresses you want to add as either space-delimited or by individual user.

  11. Click on Add Members when done.