WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Tableau Policy

The following outlines the WiscWeb policy and guidelines for use of Tableau functionality on a WiscWeb site.

WiscWeb encourages all users of Tableau technology to consider known accessibility and screen size concerns with data visualizations before use. The primary contact for the site, as well as the Tableau content owner(s), assume all risks described below.


If Tableau is used on a WiscWeb site, editors are encouraged to offer a text-only version of the page to their customers via a link at the top of the page (before the visualization) and/or to include a statement regarding who to contact for a text version of the content. Site owners are responsible for building visualizations and accommodating users that are navigating the site with screen readers.

Additionally, WiscWeb recommends the following accessibility considerations per the WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines:

Tableau documents their own recommendations for improving accessibility of data visualizations on their website:


Tableau visualizations are known to extend beyond the normal screen width of a web page, which in turn will create a need to scroll left and right to view the entire content of the page. This will be especially noticeable in mobile and tablet browser windows and can result in usability and accessibility concerns. This issue exists through the creation of the data visualization table, and its display cannot be customized through the WiscWeb plugin.

Customizations and Content Editing

WiscWeb will not customize Tableau displays in a child theme. Tableau content building, maintenance, and troubleshooting are not included in the service and are the responsibility of the site owners and editors.


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