UW Archives and Record Management


recmgmt@library.wisc.edu -- Records Management

(608) 262-5629 -- Office Number
(608) 265-1988 -- Katie Nash, Director 
(608) 890-1899 -- Troy Reeves, Oral History Program Head
(608) 262-0428 -- Cat Phan, Digital and Media Archivist

(608) 262-8899

Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

425 Steenbock Library
550 Babcock Dr.
Madison, WI 53706

The primary purpose of the UW-Madison Archives is to preserve University records and information of permanent historical value; to provide records management services; and to serve as an educational resource encouraging administrative and scholarly research in its collections.

Room 434 Steenbock Library includes a large collection of photographs and memorabilia. The Oral History Program, in Room 430 Steenbock Library, maintains an ongoing oral history program with access to nearly 900 hundred taped interviews.

Photo, memorabilia, and oral history collections are available by appointment only. The majority of the collection is cataloged in Madcat, the University's online catalog.

Archives and Records Management Services assists offices in managing all information, regardless of form or format. It is important for University offices to realize that, although records can and do exist in a wide variety of storage media, State and Federal laws still apply to how they manage the information contained in them.