e-Reimbursement - Invalid URL error when logging in via My UW-Madison

When logging into e-Reimbursement via My UW-Madison, you may encounter an "Invalid URL" error if you attempt to access e-Reimbursement multiple times.


If you login to e-Reimbursement via My UW-Madison and close the e-Reimbursement window without signing out, you may encounter the following error message:

Invalid URL - unknown Content Type or no Content Type found in URL. https://portal.sfs.wisconsin.edu/psp/sfs/EMPLOYEE/ERP/?cmd=start&magic=...

This error will occur if you:

  1. Access e-Reimbursement via My UW
  2. Close the e-Reimbursement window without properly logging out
  3. Go to My UW and click the e-Reimbursement - Log In link again without closing your browser


To avoid this issue, click Sign out in the upper right of e-Reimbursement when finished using e-Reimbursement, as shown below.

e-Reimbursement menu with sign out highlighted

If you are currently encountering this error, you can try the following: