DoIT Repair Services Update

Detailing the new customer experience for Repair Services including new repair vendors, as well as differences in personal and departmental machines.

A new customer experience for Repair Services is rolling out on May 15, 2020.

What's new?

The DoIT Help Desk Repair team will continue to diagnose hardware issues and provide repair options. The next step depends on whether the computer is university-owned or customer-owned.

Is action required from me?

No additional action is required. This is notification of a planned service change. You may still request departmental hardware repair on our site.


In 2019, two teams composed of DoIT staff and campus partners were tasked with exploring how we can best serve the campus community while being as effective with our resources as possible. The teams found that our retail business model was not sustainable given the competitive tech retail environment, and the University would be best served through a reconfiguration of services. In May 2019, we announced future changes to several services. At that time Repair Services were planned to move offsite according to our findings.

I want to know more.

Please email repair@doit.wisc.eduwith your questions about this new process.

We appreciate your support as we make this transition and look forward to continuing to serve campus in new ways.