HIPAA O365 Controls - How to allow a user to set an auto-forward to approved domains.

To allow a user to configure an auto-forward to an approved domain, follow these steps:

To allow a user to configure an auto-forward to an approved domain, follow these steps. Forwarding to unapproved domains is not permitted. Domains are approved for auto-forwarding by the HIPAA Privacy Officer and HIPAA Security Officer.

  1. Log into Manifest: https://manifest.services.wisc.edu/Groups
  2. Under “Groups I manage” find the appropriate exclusion group for your area. (ex. Dept-o365-policy-exclusion)
  3. Click “Details” next to this group.
  4. On the exclusion group page, select “Members”.
  5. Then select “+ Add member(s)”:
  6. Add the appropriate NetID under “Add individual members”:
  7. Set the “End date” for an appropriate amount of time to allow the user to set their auto-forward. (It is suggested to keep this under a week.)
  8. Select “Add individual(s)”.
  9. The user will now have the ability to configure their auto-forward. To validate it was set properly, and to an approved domain, run a compliance report for your dept found here: https://wiscmail.wisc.edu/admin/index.php?action=request-o365_compliance. Auto-forward may only be set for approved domains.