ResNet / Residential Network / University Housing



(608) 262-8703 -- ResNet Help Line, option #1 to open a support case

(608) 264-4357 -- DoIT-Helpdesk
(608) 262-2522 -- University Housing

Division of University Housing
625 Babcock Drive
Madison, WI 53706

The Residential Network (ResNet) is managed by the Division of University Housing Information Technology Department and provides voice, video, and data services to students living in the University Residence Halls and guests. ResNet also provides data services to the University Apartments (currently only Eagle Heights Apartments).

The cost of ResNet data and video services are included in students' Housing contracts, so there are no additional fees.

Access to network resources is governed by an appropriate use policy, and use of a connection indicates your acceptance of these conditions.

Over the last 3 months, Network Services has installed wireless access points (HAP) in over 2500 residence hall room.   With the addition of these HAPs, students should no longer need to install their own routers in the residence hall rooms.  The HAP will provide strong and reliable wireless access for the students in each room and there is a wired port on the HAP should they need to plug in for any reason.  There is no need for an additional router an in fact, this could complicate connecting to the UW network.

Check web page for complete details.