NCPD - Certificates - Participation Certificate Release (Manual)

This document describes the process of manually releasing certificates in EPD courses

At the end of a course that uses a certificate of participation that requires release by a Program Director (PD), Instructor, or Program Support (PS) person, the Instructor, Program Director (PD) or Program Support (PS) should do the following steps in order to release the certificates. 

To Release Certificates

Navigate to the Canvas course site.
  1. Go to: Canvas Dashboard
    • Find and click on the current examination instance's block, titled [Course Instance Number] [Course Name].

  2. Review each learner's assignment scores. Click on "Grades" within the left column navigation section.

  3. Browse each individual's completed grades by viewing the appropriate column. 
  4. If the learner has completed the course requirements and should receive a certificate:
    • Add a 1 to their row in the Certificate Release column to release their certificate.
  5. If the learner has not completed the course requirements and has not earned a certificate:
    • Leave their row empty
      • This ensures that the learners will not be able to access a certificate, but they will be able to complete the Course evaluation.
      • Note: Certain courses include a "No Certificate Release" option.
        • If the learner has not earned a certificate and there is a no certificate column, within the "No Certificate Earned Release" column enter a value of "0" to release the no certificate earned message.
  6. Each learner who earned a certificate will now have access to it. They will also be sent a notification.
  7. If desired, contact examination cohort by using the announcements tool within the examination instance's Canvas course site or by sending an email.

The Instructor, PD and/or PS should contact EPD's Online Support team at any point if there are questions or concerns.