Technology Learning Center / TLC

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(608) 265-2717 -- Housing IT Help Desk
(608)262-8703 -- Technology Services and ResNet Questions
(608) 262-2522 -- Division of University Housing

Email -- Division of University Housing 

Accessible 24 hours a day by residents with their Wiscard.

The Technology Learning Centers are 13 computer labs conveniently placed in various Residence Halls on campus. 

Locations include:

1. Witte Hall, Room 101
2. Kronshage Hall, Showerman Basement
3. Waters Hall, Parlor Level
4. Chadbourne Hall, Room 113
5. Smith Hall, First Floor, Room 1202
6. Sellery Hall, Room 12
7. Ogg Hall, First Floor, 1223
8. Phillips Hall, Second Floor, Room 214
9. Dejope Hall, Room 1112
10. Davis Residence Hall, first floor lounge
11. Merit Residence Hall, first floor lounge
12. Barnard Residence Hall, first floor lounge (mini lab)
13. Tripp/Adams Residence Halls, Tripp Gatehouse (mini lab)
All services are provided only for student who currently live in University Housing; a valid student ID or housing work badge is required to access all TLC facilities.

Software available includes the Adobe Creative Suite , and Microsoft Office Suite. Specific information and numbers for each center are available at the InfoLabs website. Additionally, all centers offer black and white printing along with scanning. Dejope, Kronshage, Ogg, Sellery, and Witte also have color printing. 

Residents may also check out laptops, digital cameras, and projectors free for three days from the Hall Desks where the TLCs are located.

There is a late fee of $20 charged each day that the equipment is overdue.

All centers are available via key access to housing residents 24/7. Staff is available to answer questions and check out equipment from 9 p.m. to Midnight Sunday through Thursday, and 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday.