Campus Emergency Assistance Telephones / University Police


Email (Police Email) (Security Email)

(608) 264-2677 -- UW Police Dept (4-COPS) (Non-Emergency Number)
(608) 265-9531 -- UW-Police Dept. Police Communications Manager, LeAnn Krieg

Open 24 hours

1429 Monroe Street
Madison, WI 53711

There are approximately 140 emergency phones on the UW campus, including the blue light phones (in areas like Picnic Point and the Lakeshore Path), phones in parking ramps (including elevators), and in many buildings. These phones dial 911 directly with the push of a button, and the call is connected to the UW-Madison Police Department Communication Center. These phones are to be used for emergencies only. When the button is pressed, the dispatcher will receive the call, along with the location of the phone the call is coming from, and an officer will be sent to check the area whether or not you speak with the dispatcher. If you accidentally push the button, please remain on the phone to inform the dispatcher there is no emergency.

All emergency phones on campus are tested once per month to ensure they are working properly. If you have additional questions regarding emergency/blue light phones on campus, please contact UW-Madison Police Department Communication Manager LeAnn Krieg at (608) 265-9531.

If you are being chased, just knock the phone off the hook or push the call button (depending on the style of the phone). An officer is immediately dispatched to location indicated. This procedure is followed even when no conversation occurs unless you are in the Chemistry Building or in the library stacks. If you call from one of these locations please identify the floor or stack level.

A few of the many phone call box locations:
--The Biotron on Observatory Drive
--The Dan McClimon Memorial Track (Walnut St side)
--The northeast corner of Bascom Hall
--The corner of Linden and Charter Streets, near Van Hise Hall
--The corner of Linden and Babcock Streets, outside the Bacteriology Building
--The Scenic Overlook area on Observatory Drive
--Each floor of the Chemistry Building
--The Park Street entrance to the Humanities Building
--The main entrance to the Waisman Center
--The elevator lobby on each level of Memorial Library
--The basement and on the third floor of the Middleton Medical Library
--Nielsen Tennis Stadium pond between University Hospital and Lot 60
--Lakeshore Path north of the Social Sciences Building
--Area 79 parking ramp at University Hospital
--Alicia Ashman Bridge (from the Stock Pavilion to University Ave)
--Parking garage, College Library
--Parking garage, Grainger Hall
--South East Ramp (Area 46) at all levels
--Picnic Point entrance
--Frautschi Point across from Eagle Hts.