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Health Information Management Department
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Every time a clinician or other UHS health care staffer has an encounter with you — in an appointment, on the phone, or through email — that information is documented in your medical records. Your medical records are a collection of those documentations. Common documentation found in your medical records include
-completed health history form
-any appointment or treatment you had
-lab reports
-X-ray reports
-email communication between you and any UHS clinician
-copies of referrals you may have received
-consult reports (a summary of your visit with the clinician you were referred to)
-any time your health information was released
-any documents received from other clinics (i.e., previous medical records)

These records are maintained by medical records staff who are trained to ensure that these files are complete, confidential, and accessible to you. The privacy and confidentiality of your records is protected by law.

To obtain your records:

1. You can submit an Authorization for Disclosure of Medical Records [PDF form - on website] request to access or obtain a copy of your records.
2. To pick up the medical records yourself, you need to show proper identification. Otherwise, the records will be mailed.
(If records need to be sent to attorneys or insurance companies, there is a charge of $10 for the first ten pages and 10¢ for each additional page. These fees are billed to the companies.)

*There is no cost to receive a copy of your medical records if you are sending or bringing the records to another health care facility, if you are taking a copy for your personal records, or if you need them for school-related purposes
*UHS has a 10-year record retention policy. Records will be destroyed 10 years after your graduation.