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WAA is an independently financed, nonprofit alumni organization of the University of Wisconsin. Through the support of dues-paying members worldwide, we offer our services to all alumni. The Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) is open to all alumni, students and friends of the university. WAA encourages inclusion diversity , inclusivity, and participation by all of these groups in its activities, and does not discriminate on any basis. WAA embraces UW-Madison's sifting and winnowing motto, which is a cherished and widely admired tradition.

Badger Bridge: Empowering Alumni Connections. This professional network is an exclusive place where UW-Madison alumni and students can come together to offer support in achieving career goals and exploring professional opportunities.

Brought to you by the Wisconsin Alumni AssociationĀ® (WAA), Badger Bridge provides a platform for networking with Badgers in your field, at leading organizations, and in communities around the world.