Student Judiciary / ASM

The ASM Student Judiciary oversees ASM elections and resolves disputes between the Associated Students of Madison and other parties. Seven student justices recommended by the Nominations Board and approved by Student Council comprise the Student Judiciary, serving four-year terms each.

The Student Election Commission (SEC) is a subcommittee of the Student Judiciary that plans and executes the election. It is comprised of a Chair and Vice-Chair and a number of hired commissioners who work on many different aspects of the election ranging from design and advertising to candidate outreach.

Student Judiciary decisions are organized, summarized, and compiled in the Digest of Reported Opinions of the Student Judiciary of the Associated Students of Madison.


The Student Judiciary hears and decides cases regarding a variety of subjects:

Regular business meetings do not occur during the summer months. Check back near the Fall semester for the Fall regular business meeting schedule.

Contact the Chief Justice, for media relations, open records requests, and general information regarding Student Judiciary operations and procedures.


Student Judiciary Members:

Chief Justice: Avra Reddy –
Office Hours:

Vice Chief Justice: Katherine Romes –
Office Hours:

Associate Justices: Jerry Sternberg

Student Election Commission Chair: Spencer Johnson –

General Counsel: Cole Migas –
Office Hours: 

General Counsel: Nathan Eichten –
Office Hours:

General Counsel: vacant
Office Hours:


Resources for Complaints and Appeals

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