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Wisconsin Alumni Association
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Wisconsin Alumni Student Board (WASB) is a student organization directly associated with the Wisconsin Alumni Association. We are comprised of 65 enthusiastic students dedicated to fulfilling our mission of "linking students past, present and future." We represent and celebrate the University of Wisconsin through a wide variety of programs, including Dinners On Wisconsin!, All-Campus Party, and many others.

WASB members are engaged with distinguished alumni, prospective students, university officials, and, most importantly, our fellow students. 

Whether your interests lie in event planning, public relations, program development, leadership experience, or professional networking, WASB has a way for you to pursue them. We invite you to learn more about WASB, a great Wisconsin tradition! 

Mission Statement:
Founded in 1861 to promote the welfare of the University of Wisconsin and serve the interests of its alumni, the association carries out this mission today through marketing, communications, services, and programs that link alumni back to the university, the university with alumni, and alumni with each other.