UW-Madison Domestic Partnership Policy



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Monday-Friday 7:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is committed to diversification of the student body, faculty and staff and to serving the needs of those groups. Given this commitment, it is critical that all members of the student body, faculty and staff be accorded equal treatment. In that light, domestic partners of students, faculty and staff are entitled to access to services (as allowed by State law and the University of Wisconsin) extended to spouses.
Employees/students who wish to document a domestic partner relationship have two options.
  1. Complete the UW–Madison Declaration of Domestic Partnership form and present it to the UW-Madison unit providing the services.
  2. -or-
  3. Meet the individual unit’s requirements for declaring a domestic partnership. Although UW–Madison units also accept the Declaration of Domestic Partnership form (see Exceptions below), they may continue to use other means of determining a domestic partnership as an alternative for the employee/student — provided they do not use criteria that are more stringent than those listed on website.