WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Export Entries from Gravity Forms

Submissions of your Gravity Forms forms are known as "entries" in WiscWeb. You can export these entries and save them locally. Or, you can import them into a different WordPress website.


You must first select the form that you want to export the entries from.

  1. Hover your mouse over the Forms entry on the left, and click Import/Export.

    Access the Import and Export section within Gravity Forms

  2. On the left, be sure that you have Export Entries selected, and then choose the form you want to export the entries from in the drop down to the right.

    Choosing the form you want to export entries from

  3. Next, choose the fields from the form (both ones that you created and some that are automatic) that you would like be a part of the exported file.

    Choosing the fields you want to be included in the export

  4. Below, you can add Conditional Logic to the export, as well as choosing a range of dates with the Select Date Range option.

    Conditional Logic, Date Range, and Download button options

  5. Once you have set up the export, click Download Export File and the file will be downloaded locally to your device as a comma-separated values (.CSV) file.


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