UW-Madison Box - Known Issues

This is a list of known issues related to the Box service through UW-Madison.

UW-Madison Box Login redirects to 'Medical Response Plan' folder in another person's account

The UW-Madison Box folder, "Medical Response Plan", is intentionally shared with all UW-Madison Box users from the Occupational Medicine website. Individuals are sometimes redirected to the Medical Response Plan folder at Box login. This happens when the link is listed in the browser's search bar history. In order to remove the link from the browser history you will need to do one of the following:

Why does it look like I am logging into someone else's account? The browser is keeping the link to the shared Box folder in your history, when you attempt to login to your UW-Madison Box account the browser matches on the link to the shared folder instead. The link does require that you login to UW-Madison Box in order to view the contents and this gives the impression that you are logging into another user's account. While your browser is trying to be helpful by creating shortcuts based on visited sites, it's actually causing confusion.

Box storage appears to be incorrect

It is possible that the storage reported for your UW-Madison Box account is incorrect. There is a known issue that can result in Box displaying an incorrect file count for a folder or inaccurate storage for an account. This can only be corrected by Box Support. Please contact DoIT Help Desk if you believe your storage reporting is incorrect. For a full explanation of the issue see the Box support document: Storage Usage Or File Count In My Account Is Incorrect

Note: If you have folders where the file counts change frequently you are more likely to repeatedly run into the file count issue. Box does not currently have an ETA for a fix. Until Box provides a permanent solution we will just have to work around the file count inconsistencies.

Box Drive for Windows does not display File/Folders with certain characters in the name

There is a known issue with Box Drive where it will not show or will display an error for folders or files which have special characters in the name. This is specific to Windows. Windows does not support file or folder names that contain any of the following characters:

For a complete list of known Box Drive issues please see Box support document: Miscellaneous Box Drive Error Notifications.

Box Sync has quit syncing files

There are a number of reasons why Box Sync might not be working or might have stopped working.

For more comprehensive troubleshooting, please see: Box Sync Troubleshooting

Java errors

Java must be enabled and at the correct version in order to run core components of UW Madison Box. If you are experiencing errors please see: My Version of Java or Flash is Outdated