UW-Madison G Suite - Manage Member Display Names in Google Groups

After a WiscList migrates to a Google Group, the display name for some of your group members may be incomplete and appear as “(not set)”. This happens because the display names for Google Group members are completed by the name provided by the campus directory. This document will explain how to manage display names in a Google Group.

Manage display names for members

As a Google Groups owner, your ability to change a group member’s display name is limited. Here is a quick overview:

In addition to the options above, you can also modify two settings that impact how members appear within an individual group. Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Login to https://groups.google.com/ with your NetID credentials.
  2. Click My groups and choose a group.
  3. Click on Manage group.

    Location 1: Under the name of your Google Group.


    Location 2: Click on your Google Group and look at the top right corner.

  4. On the left, click Settings > Identity.


  5. Select one of the required forms of identity.


    These settings will be applied to all future members. Existing members are not forced to change at the time of an altered setting.

    • Display profile name only: Members can choose their own names and a member’s chosen nickname need not match their G Suite profile name/address.
    • Google profile only: Members display names are linked to their Google profile.
      • UW Madison addresses: This profile information is pulled from the campus preferred name.
      • Non-UW-Madison addresses: The Google profile is subject to the requirements of their Google account.
        • Gmail users have full control over display name within Google.
        • G Suite users from other institutions may be subject to different policies.
    • Either display name or Google profile
      • Members can choose whether to link their membership to their Google profile or to use a different nickname with this group.
    • Display names and email addresses
      • Every display name must be unique.
      • If members are allowed to set their own display name, this setting ensures that two members do not choose the same name.
  6. While a Google Groups owner may initially set a display name upon adding a member to a group, the group member is the only person who can change the display name after initial addition to the group. This is subject to settings selected above.

  7. Click Save.

Manage your display name and email address

As a Google Group member, display names need to be updated for each individual group you are a member of and cannot be updated in a batch. You can change your display name and/or email address by completing the step below:

  1. Login to your UW-Madison account.
  2. Click on My groups.
  3. Click on Edit next to your name for the group that should reflect your new display name and/or new email address.


  4. Click Edit next to your name to modify your display name.


  5. (Optional) Click on the drop-down arrow next to your email address to change your preferred email address from a list of existing email alternates.
  6. Click Save when done.
  7. (Optional) Repeat the steps above for each group you are a member of.
Note: We do not recommend changing your display name by updating your account’s personal information. This can lead to display name syncing discrepancies for your entire UW-Madison G Suite account.

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