UW-Madison G Suite - Manage Display Names in Google Groups

UW-Madison Google Groups allows you to change how your name is displayed in your group. Unfortunately, for Google Group owners and managers, the display name cannot be changed on behalf of a member. The display name for group members will show either the member's Preferred Name, their email address, or their set display name.

Manage your display name and email address

Your display name needs to be updated for each individual group you are a member of and cannot be updated in a batch. Learn how to change your display name.

Note: We do not recommend changing your display name by updating your account’s personal information. This can lead to display name syncing discrepancies for your entire UW-Madison G Suite account.

Member display names

Unfortunately, Google Groups does not provide the option to change the display for members.

You can; however, set Member privacy for your group’s members by adjusting the settings below if you are the owner or manager of your group:



Identification required for new members:

Who can view member email addresses:

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