L&S guidance for selecting course modality for Fall 2020 courses

Below is guidance for L&S departments for selecting course modality for Fall 2020 courses

[6/21/2020 edit: Dept Strategy Questionnaire Q.6 updated to ask for more information about 50-100 student in-person course offerings]

Campus parameters for Fall 2020 instruction
L&S Advice for Restructuring Fall 2020 Scheduling


Task 1: Please submit to L&S:
Task 2: Please submit in SIS:

Campus parameters for Fall 2020 instruction 

Please read Smart Restart for campus Priorities and Goals for Fall 2020 instruction 
Definition of Different Types of Modality, for the purposes of this document:

L&S Advice For Restructuring Fall 2020 Scheduling 

Departments/programs should leverage existing governance structures and committees for evaluating curriculum, scheduling courses, and assigning instructors, as departments develop an overall strategy for assigning instructional modality to all your sections. 
Please remember your curricular responsibility extends to students in other majors and colleges who rely on your courses for general education requirements and progress to their degrees.  
  1. Departments will need to assign instructional modality to all Fall 2020 sections, with options of in-person (or hybrid), remote synchronous, or remote asynchronous.  This will be used to communicate your intentions to the Office of Registrar for their part of the central work. 
  2. Review staffing. Some changes to teaching assignments may be appropriate. Departments must work within existing instructional staffing levels and budgets in delivering their curriculum. 
Potential reasons to have some in-person meeting times for a section:
Potential reasons to prepare for a remotely-delivered lecture/section:
Considerations when combining in-person and remote instruction in the same course:
Considerations in assigning instructors (faculty, staff, TAs) to either in-person or remote courses: