EPD - Teaching and Learning - Groups & Teams

This is an overview document for student-to-student engagement in groups and teams in an online course.

Teaching Strategies for Facilitating Group Work and Team Collaboration 

  • set clear purpose, instructions, and expectations 
  • form groups and initiate collaboration early 
  • establish checkins throughout the process
  • when applicable, make the work cooperative (each person makes individual contributions)
  • use a rubric to evaluate both the product and the group collaboration 
  • include self-evaluation of the group 
  • include peer-evaluation of the group

Canvas Group Formation can be done in the following ways:

 1 – Automatically-assigned by Canvas system

*Students may always be manually reassigned.

2 – Manually-assigned by instructor

3 – Students self-enroll (to create interest-based groups)
*You can manually or automatically assign a group leader to help manage a group.

Canvas Group-based Discussion Forums can be used in the following ways:

Canvas Group-based Assignments can be used in the following ways:

Ultra Web Conference can be used for group work in the following ways:

Canvas Peer Review can be used for peer learning

Canvas Collaborations can be used to create a Group Collaboration space within Canvas using Google tools

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