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(608) 255-4278 -- W Gorham Location 

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Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm

Steve Brown Apartments Management Services
120 W Gorham St.
Madison, WI 53703

Steve Brown owns 1,580 apartment homes in 57 locations, provides housing to more than 2,500 residents. SBA offers a variety of properties downtown and in the suburbs.

Multi-Family Housing: SBA provides multi-family housing at seven unique properties on the west side of Madison, and in Oregon, Stoughton and Waterloo. SBA multi-family housing products range from affordable, basic apartments to luxury, executive properties.

Residence Hall-Style Housing: Today the SBA Private Residence Hall (PRH) brand runs through their Campus Connect Brand. Campus Connect offers properties with a Residence Life Program, in a fully-furnished, apartment setting. The private residence halls in the Campus Connect Program (Lucky 101, Highlander House, Regent 101) participate in the Private Housing Connections (PHC) program, which works to strengthen the connection and flow of information between the students who choose to live in participating properties and the campus. The program focuses on the unique needs of first-year and transfer students.

Steve Brown Apartments is one of many off-campus rental housing providers near campus. For more information about the PHC program and vacancies please see the following site: