Hiring - Recruitment - Pre-Recruitment - Complete HR Consultation

As part of the pre-recruitment requirements, the Hiring Manager needs to schedule a 15-30 minute consultation meeting with Extension HR. An Extension HR representative will meet with them to discuss the recruitment, review recruitment materials, and prepare the Hiring Manager for next steps in the recruitment process.


  • Prior to beginning the recruitment process the Hiring Manager needs to complete an HR Consultation with Extension HR.
  • Extension HR has a guiding set of questions to discuss during the consultation. Ultimately, the goal is to answer any questions the supervisor has, provide an overview of the process, and get the recruitment or hiring process started off on the right foot.
  • This applies to all proposed renewable, fixed-term, and temporary employee recruitments.


  1. Schedule a Zoom with an Extension HR representative.
    • Check availability and schedule with the primary contact. If the primary contact is out of office, please contact hr@extension.wisc.edu.
    • Schedule a 30 min conversation during standard business hours (M-F)
    • Title the meeting "Staffing Consultation - [Working Title]"
  2. Review the standard HR Consultation Agenda below.

HR Consultation Agenda

  • Is this a refill or new position?
  • What is the title/SJD you would like to use? PD? Business title?
  • Is this ongoing work? Short term in nature? Full or part time?
  • What is the salary range?
  • Does this type of work fit within the strategic direction of the organization/institute?
  • What is your goal timeline? (share timeline creation tool)
  • Things to think about when posting (what’s posted creates your requirements)
    • Travel/driving necessity
    • Salary
    • FTE
    • Min requirements
  • What is your marketing plan to ensure diversity?
  • Will you cover travel expenses? Process documents
  • Who will your search and screen committee be? Timeline to start scheduling meetings/interviews? Roles and responsibilities?
  • Things to think about when developing a screening tool
  • What can be realistically evaluated at this step?  
  • Considerations for interview questions? Soft skills? Behavioral interview questions
  • Plan for the search and screen committee introduction – unconscious bias, screen for not just needed skills
  • Think about how, when and where to conduct interviews. Number of rounds, etc.
  • Identify top candidate:
    • Reference checks for top candidate
    • Need for SVSH (ASU will conduct)
    • Identify salary – If in initial range, supv and ASU can approve. Exceptions – loop in Extension HR
  • Discuss expected process and point out process document for guidance along the way
  • Discuss onboarding materials and process in the employee handbook
  • Questions?

Get Help

Questions? Contact hr@extension.wisc.edu.

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