Teaching During COVID-19: L&S Instructional Resources

An overview of Spring 2021 Instructional Initiatives, the L&S Remote Teaching Toolkit website, Final Exam and Assessment Consultations, and where to find more information about teaching during the pandemic.

Spring 2021 L&S Instructional Initiatives (sign up)

L&S Spring 2021 Instructional Initiatives are designed to help instructors make quick and targeted course enhancements that support students and improve learning. Click on any link below to learn more or sign up.

L&S Remote Teaching Toolkit

L&S Remote Instruction Toolkit is great resource for instructors that includes:
Batch leads are individuals assigned to departments to help with remote and hybrid instruction challenges. Instructors can consult with them  on learning technologies and course design.

L&S Final Exam and Assessment Consultations

Learning & technology support staff are available to help run through your exam set-up. Please sign-up  to talk with a consultant about any of the following:

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Campus pages with additional information:

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Questions about instructional continuity during the COVID-19 disruption?

Contact Shirin Malekpour at shirin.malekpour@wisc.edu.