L&S Instructional Resources: Teaching During COVID-19

This page provides an overview of resources, policies, and guidance to support continuity of instruction during the Fall 2020 COVID-19 disruption.

Campus Instructional Reopening Information

Fall 2020 Continuity of Instruction page has extensive information about in-person re-opening: cleaning procedures for instructional spaces; student mask policy; supporting students when they are required to quarantine or self-isolate; and more. We recommend all instructors review this website to prepare for Fall. [added 8/12/2020]

Planning for Disruptions: 

Continuity plans for your in-person course

Review advice on preparing for a variety of disruption scenarios, including a mid-semester shift to remote-only instruction. [added 7/31/2020]

Accommodations: Supporting individual students who miss class due to illness, quarantined, or bereavement

Instructors should continue working with students on alternate methods of completing work if they cannot attend class temporarily because of illness, quarantine, or bereavement. Strategies for accommodations can be found here. [added 7/31/2020]

Course Design Resources:

Honorlock Proctoring During COVID-19

If you are using Honorlock to proctor an exam, please reassure your students that they will not face consequences for incidental infractions or circumstances that are out of their control. Consider these common circumstances and strategies to reduce anxiety. [added 9/25/2020]

Updating Your Syllabus 

Review advice for supplementing your syllabus during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes adding standard language for new COVID-related policies, procedures, as well as information about importing and using Canvas Student Orientation templates and Technical Support modules. [update 8/19/2020]

Batch leads are individuals assigned to departments to help with remote and hybrid instruction challenges. Instructors can consult with them on learning technologies and course design challenges [added 7/31/2020]

The L&S Remote Instruction Toolkit is great resource for instructors that includes :

[added 7/31/2020]

Physically-distanced teaching activities

The campus continuity of instruction group assembled a set of strategies that instructors can consider while planning classroom activities that are safe and interactive. [added 8/19/2020] 

Scheduled instruction modality for your course

The course modality for each class section published schedule; only students who can and will attend in-person should be enrolled in in-person sections. Instructors do not need to (and we do not recommend) offer an in-person section also as “remote-only” to enrolled students. [added 7/31/2020]

Questions about instructional continuity during the COVID-19 disruption? Contact Shirin Malekpour shirin.malekpour@wisc.edu.