L&S Instruction: Resources, Policies, and Guidance (COVID-19/Fall 2020)

This is page provides an overview of resources, policies, and guidance to support continuity of instruction during the Fall 2020 COVID-19 disruption.

Instructional design resources for remote or hybrid course modalities:

Scheduled instruction modality for your course

Continuity plans for your in-person course

Accommodations: Supporting individual students who miss class due to illness, quarantined, or bereavement

TA Training for remote instruction

Student-Instructor Building Density Tool 

The Student-Instructor Building Density Tool (created by the Office of the Registrar) provides data about the numbers of enrolled students and associated instructors in a building, building floor or particular room at a given day and time. Use this tool to inform your reopening plans. [added 7/31/2020]

Questions about instructional continuity during the COVID-19 disruption? Contact Shirin Malekpour shirin.malekpour@wisc.edu.